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Wreetu offers sustainable menstrual hygiene management products and services like eco-friendly reusable  sanitary napkin, books, online doctor consultation at affordable prices.

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wreetu comic book

An illustrated comic book guides adolescents through puberty, period. CLICK TO KNOW MORE

Wreetu Reusable Sanitary Napkin

Eco-friendly, affordable, 12-months usable sanitary napkin. CLICK TO KNOW MORE


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The first ever complete interactive story-based comic book on puberty and period with contextual information, friendly language and colourful images.

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Puberty & Period: Physical Changes, Psychological & Social Changes, Symptoms, Self care in Puberty, Food Habits, Period Management, Physical Exercise During Period and many more.

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Wreetu Comic Book is an illustrated story-based book on girls' growing up during adolescent years with friendly language and cheerful images.

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Wreetu reusable sanitary napkin

Wreetu Reusable Sanitary Napkin

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Currently we are working on low-cost biodegradable reusable sanitary napkin.

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